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Still nothing …

It's day 34 and still no sign of chicks, so it doesn't look promising. (PEFA eggs usually take 30 to 35 days to hatch). We'll keep checking for a few more days though.

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No signs of hatching yet, but check this out: Ever wonder what Peregrine Falcons do when they're bored of sitting on their eggs? This is one of Ottawa's resident PEFAs (Connor, I think) taking a little break on a very hot day. Blame the shaky camera work on the fact that I shot this by [...]

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Four eggs!

Checked on the nest this evening and counted four eggs. Diana was more accommodating than Connor was to Chris the other day — I only waited about three minutes for her to stand up and show off her clutch.

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Our Ottawa Peregrines are sitting on at least 3 eggs, maybe 4. I had to wait over an hour and half for Dad to shift and give me a glimpse. Fingers crossed they hatch this year.

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