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It’s a wrap!

Ivanhoe: This particular adult male's dark grey back and wings contrast sharply with his pure white breast and black-and-white barred belly. Photo by Anouk Hoedeman Rowena: This adult female stands apart from her mate through her bigger size — like all female PEFAs — as well as her browner colouring and the [...]

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Here, catch!

Yesterday morning very early, the falcons were nowhere to be seen. Had the chicks retreated to a shady spot on the roof? Did the whole family go hunting together? Were they simply taking advantage of the more comfortable weather to stretch their wings after two days of oppressive heat and humidity? It was [...]

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A hot, slow day, but not uneventful

Yesterday (Thursday) found our falcon friends on their usual perches around the building. When the temperature is very hot, they tend to prefer the ledges on the west face in the morning. As the sun moves across the sky, they chicks disappear to the roof and the adults make themselves scarce. Despite the intense heat, [...]

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Takeoffs and landings

Both Data and Amber continue to hone their skills. They seem to have the flying itself under control, but their landings still need some work. That is, they can both land just fine, but they often have trouble touching down exactly where they want to. It's funny to watch how each reacts to [...]

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Big girls don’t fly?

This one does! Amber, Ottawa's latest Peregrine Falcon chick to fledge, made numerous attempts to reach her brother Data on his ledge on June 19. She was clearly aiming for him but would always be flying too fast and overshoot. She's loop back and try again but end up too high, so she'd land back [...]

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June 19 Falcon Watch, Part II

Sorry for the previous truncated post about yesterday morning — I once again fell asleep while writing, which is bound to happen after a long day in this heat. Now where was I? Oh yes, four falcons flying over and around the building, with John, Dominique and myself trying in vain to keep [...]

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