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More eggs

Both falcons were present at the Delta Hotel this morning, and they now have two eggs. They were flying around quite a bit, including some beautiful soaring overhead, but they don't seem to be actively incubating yet. We hope that's because they're planning to produce more eggs. In any case, it was a rare occasion [...]

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Chris confirmed on Monday that Diana (our downtown female) is sitting on at least one egg. We'll check today to see if there are more. Anouk checked the Heron Rd. site on Tuesday and, after lots of experimentation to find the best vantage point, could see that Rowena was sitting on her nest. Short of [...]

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Three Falcons spotted downtown

A report from Nicholas Diespecker, who works downtown: Just wanted to let you know that I just spotted 3 (not 2) peregrines on the Constitution Square building.  I’m not sure if they are all adults but thought you should know. Pretty exciting and a thrill to see them. The third bird is likely an interloper [...]

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