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The Hunchback of Heron Road

Finally, photos in which the chick is recognizable as a living creature! It's already at the "hunchback" stage, in which the chick is hunched over with its head angled forward. This begins around Day 15, which means the little fella/gal hatched around May 15. In related news: I'm 99.9% sure there's a second chick. Do [...]

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And they named him …

After a long, mostly undemocratic process of polling longtime volunteers as well as asking the rabble over on Facebook to share their suggestions, we have made a decision about naming the male Peregrine Falcon at the downtown site. Options were weighed, the pros and cons of various names discussed at great length, and pronunciation debated. [...]

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Fail: Worst falcon chick photo ever

Well, I was going to impress everyone with the first shot of (one of?) the chick(s?) at Heron Rd. I saw it quite clearly, not in the nest but a couple of feet away. It was preening up a storm and looking adorable, or at least its little beady-eyed face was. That's all I could [...]

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Chick confirmed at Heron

Falcon Watch volunteer Langis Sirois spent some time at Heron Rd. on Sunday evening and confirmed the presence of "one tiny all white chick". Rowena (the mom) was sitting next to the nest, looking in. When she flew to a nearby perch, Langis was able to see the chick. There may well be other chicks, [...]

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Chick(s) at Heron Road?

Rowena, our resident female at 875 Heron Rd., continues to remain very visible, apparently standing rather than sitting in the nest. I still have no irrefutable proof of chicks, but the evidence is mounting. On Sunday evening, I watched for about an hour, mostly in the rain. Alex joined me for the first half hour, [...]

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Nest updates

A couple of weeks after we lost our roof access to monitor the downtown nest (a reaction to an incident at another building owned by Oxford Properties, and nothing to do with us), I was able to arrange a visit yesterday to an office that I hoped would provide a decent view of the ledge. [...]

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No more roof access

There are at least three eggs at the Delta (downtown at Albert and Lyon), but we no longer have roof access across the street at Constitution Square (liability issues thanks to an accident at another property owned by the same company). That means we can no longer monitor the nest properly. If anyone has a [...]

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