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Not to be unpatriotic, but …

The big news today: Nancy arrived to join Tim on the morning shift only to find workers on the roof right over the nest, getting ready to hang a big Canadian flag on the south face of the Data Centre — right in front of the nest ledge. This was a surprise, because we'd asked [...]

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Getting sleepy

The title of this post does not referring to Pringle. He's already been fast asleep for hours on the edge of the Data Centre roof. No, the title refers to all the volunteers, me included. Claire, Lorraine, Brian, Marian, Laura, Rick, James and I all spent a few hours today running around following Pringle or [...]

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Family flight lesson

Frank shot this cool footage of Pringle flying with his parents, Ivanhoe and Rowena, on Tuesday evening. It's apparent which falcon is the chick, because he's very flappy compared to the experienced adults.

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Flying high

After a stormy night tucked into the nest ledge (it's good to be home again), Pringle got an early start today with several flights that tested his new-found skills. Lorraine and Langis kept an eye on him as he followed his dad to Ivanhoe's favourite ledge on the top left of the south face. [...]

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A busy day

Pringle, the now 40-day-old Peregrine Falcon chick at Heron and Bronson in Ottawa, is not resting on his laurels. After dramatic first flights on Sunday, he got up before the early shift to start flying again. According to Rémy and Brian, he had already flown by the time they got there at 6 a.m., but [...]

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Rowena and Pringle

Here's the photo promised yesterday. Langis Sirois captured this amazing shot of Rowena (on the left) helping her chick Pringle fly in the right direction. She steered him first to the main building, then around to the opposite side and up to where the nest ledge is. He landed on the wrong ledge, but without [...]

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With a little help from his mom …

Nancy, Frank and Dominique reported that Pringle spent the rest of the afternoon on the lowest level of the annex roof, taking some shorts flights and a couple of very impressive long ones halfway across the long side of the annex roof. His flying was steady and his landings solid, but he eventually grew tired [...]

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Pringle’s progress

I arrived at 6 a.m. today to see the building shrouded in fog. All was quiet. So I retrieved our equipment from the security office, made my way to the south side of the building, set up my chair and sat down to enjoy my coffee. Dominique arrived in the meantime, and asked if I [...]

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A soggy day for (almost) all

Today started out warm, even muggy. A new volunteer, Christine, joined me for the 6 – 9 a.m. shift, after which it started raining. Nancy and Toni arrived around 10:30 for a very long and soggy shift, and were joined by Frank from 1 to 5 p.m. I dropped by briefly just before 5, and [...]

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