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Here's photo taken a year ago of one of the Peregrine Falcon chicks perched on a sixth-floor, south-side ledge. Judging by the bird's size, it's most likely Amber, the female. Her brother Data was smaller. Thanks to Zeke Hasaces for sharing his photo. Coincidentally, I dropped by today to check on the falcons and found [...]

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Thank you!

Thanks to all who volunteered their time during this year's Falcon Watch, and also to the staff and management of SNC-Lavalin and the Canada Revenue Agency for their help. A special thank you to the security guards on site for all their friendly assistance at all hours of the day, and to Nancy Scott for [...]

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Pringle graduates from basic flight training

Pringle has graduated from basic flight training to the advanced class, so we wrapped up the official Falcon Watch on Friday. Sorry for the delay in posting, but I needed a few days' rest. Thanks to Claire, Tim and Marian for braving the rain on the final day, and to Frank for checking in on [...]

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