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Churchill & Carling

Matt Maloley sent us a nice Christmas present: two photos of a Peregrine on the Zylog building at Churchill and Carling. He says they spotted this falcon on Dec. 24 attacking a pigeon and taking it to the top of the building and feasting for about an hour. Guess even falcons enjoy a nice Christmas [...]

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The OTHER Christmas Count sighting

Langis Sirois's Peregrine Falcon sighting during the Ottawa-Gatineau Christmas Bird Count on Dec. 15 was less dramatic than the aerial battle with the Snowy Owl downtown. But he did capture a nice photo of the raptor perched atop a hydro pylon. Thanks for sharing, Langis! Peregrine near the General Hospital, Dec. 15, 2013. Photo [...]

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The Falcon and the Snowy

The Ottawa-Gatineau Christmas Bird Count was held on Sunday, Dec. 15. I covered the area along the Ottawa River from the Champlain Bridge to the Rideau Canal, more or less south to the Queensway. By far the most exciting moment of the count, for me, involved Diana, our resident downtown female. Late in the afternoon, [...]

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Another sighting in the east end

Ivanhoe and Rowena appear to be spending a lot of time east of the Data Centre. Maria Lythgoe just sent in the following sighting: I was walking my dogs through the hydro corridor yesterday afternoon when I spotted the falcon at the top of the hydro tower. its located above the perley complex heading towards [...]

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