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Some more photos

Photo by Susanne Emond, July 5, 2014. A couple of photos submitted recently. The first is Susanne's snapshot of one of the chicks in a dead tree near a Bronson ramp on July 5. This looks like it may be near the tree were one of the females spent a few hours hiding [...]

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That’s all, folks!

Well, the 2014 Falcon Watch is officially over — actually, it's been over for more than a week, but I'm only now getting around to recapping the final two days. On Friday, July 4, I took the first shift but had little to report by the end of it. John, Chris and Kevin took over [...]

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Goldfinches beware!

It was a relief to find all the Peregrine Falcons safe early this morning, after last night's terrible storm. They all seemed exhausted, though, as there was little movement. I only saw the three chicks fly together once, and not for very long. Mom Rowena offered just a bit of food, so Luis tried briefly [...]

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We've gotten used to dramatic days on the Falcon Watch, trying to track three active fledglings who end up in trees and use windows and walls to brake. Still, this evening was a different kind of drama, with a sudden, nasty storming hit the Data Centre as I was on my way there by bike. [...]

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Too hot to fly? Nope!

Happy Canada Day! Canada Day at the Data Centre was no holiday! It was hot and sticky for volunteers, but apparently not too hot for Peregrine Falcon chicks to take to the skies. Rémy took the first shift, and watched the three chicks chase each other through the air. One — probably Luis [...]

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Flying lessons

The chicks are all flying, but they are not yet out of danger. The greatest hazards now are adolescent overconfidence and unexpected gusts of winds. We will continue watching them for several more days, so we still need volunteers. Check the schedule HERE, and sign up for shifts HERE. Today felt like a day off [...]

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The rest of the story

Sorry for falling asleep at my computer last night. Let's pick up the story at the point where I found the missing female chick in a tree down the hill from the Data Centre. Chris, Marie and Anne where still searching the area, and Jennifer was back at base camp, keeping an eye on Luis. [...]

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High-drama day

June 28, 2014. Wow. That was a stressful day. When we last left the three Data Centre chicks, there were two on the nest ledge (the unfledged female and Luis, who found his way back there on Saturday evening. The fledged female was last seen on the lowest ledge below the nest ledge. [...]

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Out of the woods

Scroll down for more photos Well, that's two chicks literally out of the woods, for now. Anna and Lorraine arrived for the first shift to find only one female chick left on the nest ledge, and no sign of the other. Luis was still up on the roof, where he spent the night. An extensive [...]

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Did I say “lazy”?

Scroll down for photos Today, the male chick — we're calling him Luis because he, too, enjoys the taste of raw flesh — was pretty much the opposite of lazy. The story begins early this morning, when Dominique and Bushra watched him take off from the nest ledge (finally!) and land on the annex building [...]

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