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Dining downtown

Lately, I've been doing daily patrols for our new FLAP initiative in Ottawa, looking for birds injured or killed by collisions with downtown buildings. Naturally, whenever I'm near the Delta Hotel at Albert and Lyon, I look up to see if the resident Peregrines are there. I haven't seen them in about three weeks, which [...]

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This’ll have to do for now

Rowena(?) on the nest at the Data Centre, April 25, 2014. I dropped by the Data Centre this afternoon in the hopes of getting a clear view of Rowena on the nest. Through my scope, I could barely make out what looked like a pair of wingtips (literal wingtips, that is, not shoes). [...]

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Apparent nesting at Confederation Heights

Ivanhoe and Rowena appear to be incubating eggs at the Heron Rd. & Bronson nest site. As usual, we can't actually see into the nest, so we can only guess at when we might see chicks. Most years, we expect the chicks to hatch in early May and fledge in mid- to late June. At [...]

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