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I went to check on the Data Centre nest again this afternoon, hoping to get a better look at the chick and maybe estimate its age. I did indeed get a better look, but can't yet say with any confidence when the chick hatched. Roy John did tell me that his Monday morning birding group [...]

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I stopped by the Data Centre yesterday (Wednesday) and found one of the adults perched next to the nest. Interesting. Soon, it climb back into the nest, but stood there, hunched over, rather than hunkering down flat as usual. Also interesting. Based on the behaviour, I suspected there was either a chick already or hatching [...]

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Still waiting …

I last checked the Data Centre nest site on Friday. Rowena is still on the nest, and no sign yet of chicks. She's always facing into the corner, it seems, so all I see are her wingtips. I will continue checking as often as I can. Data Centre, May 9, 2014. [...]

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