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Flying lessons

The chicks are all flying, but they are not yet out of danger. The greatest hazards now are adolescent overconfidence and unexpected gusts of winds. We will continue watching them for several more days, so we still need volunteers. Check the schedule HERE, and sign up for shifts HERE. Today felt like a day off [...]

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The rest of the story

Sorry for falling asleep at my computer last night. Let's pick up the story at the point where I found the missing female chick in a tree down the hill from the Data Centre. Chris, Marie and Anne where still searching the area, and Jennifer was back at base camp, keeping an eye on Luis. [...]

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High-drama day

June 28, 2014. Wow. That was a stressful day. When we last left the three Data Centre chicks, there were two on the nest ledge (the unfledged female and Luis, who found his way back there on Saturday evening. The fledged female was last seen on the lowest ledge below the nest ledge. [...]

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Out of the woods

Scroll down for more photos Well, that's two chicks literally out of the woods, for now. Anna and Lorraine arrived for the first shift to find only one female chick left on the nest ledge, and no sign of the other. Luis was still up on the roof, where he spent the night. An extensive [...]

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Did I say “lazy”?

Scroll down for photos Today, the male chick — we're calling him Luis because he, too, enjoys the taste of raw flesh — was pretty much the opposite of lazy. The story begins early this morning, when Dominique and Bushra watched him take off from the nest ledge (finally!) and land on the annex building [...]

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Laziest. Chicks. Evah.

Another day without fledging. Sigh. Anna and Dominique saw a lot of flapping on the first shift. More of the same on the second with John, Chris and Kevin ... and Anna, who has clearly succumbed to an affliction familiar to many Falcon Watchers: Not wanting to go home in the (usually mistaken) belief that [...]

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Still flightless …

This morning, Rémy and Jacqueline, reported a fair amount of activity, including a lot of flapping and a feeding. By the time Rick and I arrived for the next shift, things had quieted down, and they mostly stayed that way until late in the day. Rowena and Ivanhoe mostly stayed away from the nest ledge, [...]

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After the rain

... and before the next downpour. I watched the chicks off and on today, hoping — for a change — that they wouldn't decide to fly, and they didn't. But they did seem close for a while when the rain stopped sometime after 5 p.m., when one female chick, perched on the left side of [...]

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Lazy rainy day

Today's soggy weather provides an opportunity to catch up with a new Falcon Watch post. The chicks have not yet flown, although two of them — the male and one female — have been practising with increasing enthusiasm and a conspiratorial air. The third seems less excited about leaving the nest ledge, but she will [...]

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Day One

The 2014 Falcon Watch started early this morning, as Moira and I watched the chicks flapping and feeding. Dominique came later in the morning, then Heather and Nancy, which gave me a chance to go home for a few hours. When I got back in the evening, Nancy was still there, and Jennifer, Chris and [...]

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