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After Lorraine found the older chick on the roof this morning, she (the falcon, not Lorraine) spent the day resting and digesting her reward meal. There was some travelling back and forth along the south and west sides of the roof, but she mostly slept on the southwest corner while James, Rick and Pauline watched, [...]

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James last saw the falcon chicks tucked in on their ledge last night. Lorraine arrived early this morning to find one of the chicks on the roof! She watched the chick make its way over the roof towards Rowena, who was perched on the security camera on the southwest corner. When the chick got there, Rowena took off! [...]

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Feeding time

The chicks did not lack for food on Monday. Rowena brought them a meal, and so did Ivanhoe, who flew in with a big hunk of something and then spent a long time feeding the younger chick. It was a sweet sight. The older chick, lying right next to its sibling, was either indifferent or too [...]

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Rainy day, but lots of flapping

Strong winds and rain did not bode well for any first flights today, but both chicks practised their flapping. We are getting better views as they venture closer to the front of the ledge, and both chicks appear quite large and similar in size, so we may have two females here. Rowena and Ivanhoe spent much of [...]

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Quality time

Both chicks spent a bit of time with mom Rowena yesterday, while Ivanhoe sulked on his favourite ledge. Okay, maybe he wasn't sulking, but he did have his back to the world. Chick 1, who is about 38 days old today, has been doing some flapping, but I haven't seen Chick 2, about 33 days [...]

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Getting closer …

Another look at the Peregrine Falcon chicks at the Data Centre yesterday: Chick 1, June 21, 2015. Chick 1, June 21, 2015. Chick 2, June 21, 2015. The older chick looked about 33 days old on Sunday, and the younger one about 27. So, if we assume fledging at [...]

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That’s about the size of it

I got another look at the Peregrine chicks at the Data Centre today, and there seems to be a bit of a disparity in size, as you can see from the photos below. Note the thickness of the concrete ledge in each photo for a better idea of comparative size. Data Centre, June 16, 2015. [...]

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Two chicks are better than one

A visit to the nest site today showed only one chick and no adults around. Of well. I walked back to the car, packed up the scope and closed the trunk — just in time to see Rowena arriving with lunch. Rowena feeding chicks, June 6, 2015 Out came the scope again — [...]

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Spring update

Rowena and chick, May 30, 2015 It's been a busy couple of months with other bird-related matters, so we've been rather quiet on the Peregrine Falcon front. But there's news: The Data Centre falcons have a chick! A visit to the site on a rainy and windy May 30 afternoon produced some great [...]

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