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Kids visit Museum of Nature’s special live reptile exhibit (Nov. 26, 2016)

A month ago, Macoun member Morgan told us about an amazing travelling exhibit of 30 live reptiles that is being presented at the Museum of Nature this winter. Today we visited as a group. With the benefit of prior experience, Morgan held intense consultations with some of the boys. Heads together, the three of them [...]

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Study Trees and more (Nov. 19, 2016)

Our Study-Tree Woods is only 10 acres in extent, yet after 25 years of choosing trees, new Macoun members can still find ash trees and ironwoods that no one else has ever studied before. We spent the morning hours touring all those that current members are following (and picking new ones). One very large White [...]

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The Story of Stuff (Nov. 12, 2016)

We began by reviewing last week's field experiments, in which we measured the speed of sound by timing three repeat echoes off an isolated house (getting a result of 1010 feet per second). Rob explained how we can use that figure to tell how far away lightning is striking as a storm approaches. We had [...]

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Up the creek without a paddle (Nov. 5, 2016)

Indian River is a minor watercourse that runs slow and deep out into the farmland of Lanark County, but has its origins in springs and lakes in hilly country. We settled down for lunch in woods beside the last stretch of rushing water above miles and miles of marshy meanders. The steep valley sides seem [...]

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