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Creatures of earth, sky, land and water (Apr. 29, 2017)

The number and range of things to see increases tremendously as spring arrives. We hadn't quite entered our Study Area when a Great Egret flew out of it, big and white against the blue sky, and bucking the strong north wind. Once in, under a little grove of Red Maples we noticed that the leaf [...]

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Yukon salmon (April 22, 2017)

Apr. 22, 2017: Swimming 3200 km to get home We have all seen video of salmon leaping natural obstacles and dodging bears. We have also heard that the spawning runs are faltering in many places. Today Nick Lapointe explained that Chinook Salmon spawning in the upper Yukon River are a shadow of their former abundance. [...]

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Spring in the Study Area (April 8, 2017)

Apr. 8, 2017: Seeing the snow go On our first spring trip to our Nature Study Area, we could have used both snow boots and rubber boots. We tramped through acres of snow still deep enough to go over the tops of rubber boots, but there were also pools of meltwater that proved irresistible. Rubber [...]

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Mongolia’s wildlife (Apr. 1, 2017)

  Apr. 1, 2017: The wild life in Mongolia What do you see when you look at the horse shown here? It is rather stocky, isn't it? Note its thick neck and large, blocky head. And how its mane stands up so stiffly. Domestic horses don't have these features. This is a wild horse, the [...]

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