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The Ottawa Field-Naturalists’ Club’s Peregrine Falcon Watch was established when a pair first nested at the Citadel Inn (now the Delta Ottawa City Centre) in 1997.

Back on the nest

From Langis Sirois, April 3, 2016: As I was driving towards the Data Centre at 9h45 yesterday morning April 2, I saw a bird flight toward the West end of the building.  When I arrived in the parking lot South of the building I saw a Peregrine Falcon perched on the ledge in front of the [...]

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Spring update

From Langis Sirois, April 2, 2016: Yesterday, around 3:30PM there was a Peregrine falcon at the Data Centre on Heron Rd, it was sitting on a ledge on the South side at the West end.  I saw it from Heron Rd and had no time to go closer, but I beleive it was a male. [...]

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Falcon Watch meets Safe Wings

By Anouk Hoedeman My bird rescue interests — the Falcon Watch and Safe Wings — converged nicely last week when a man contacted the OFNC Falcon Watch for help with an injured Peregrine Falcon that he and his son had found and captured near the Madawaska River in Arnprior. Apparently it couldn’t fly, so they suspected a broken [...]

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Amelia and Billy take a trip across Bronson

Amelia and Billy on the old CSEC building, July 5, 2015. Photo by Dominique Marshall. Amelia and Billy at dusk, July 5, 2015. Photo by Elsa Marshall. Amelia (Earhart) and her much younger and smaller brother Billy (Bishop) are doing exceptionally well and continue to hone their skills with every flight. They [...]

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Amelia and Billy spreading their wings

Both young Peregrines continue to impress with their flying. Yesterday (Friday) afternoon and evening, Billy flew several more times, from the Annex to the south side of the main building, back to the Annex, and eventually to the top left ledge on the north side of the main building. Not bad, considering the strong winds. [...]

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Billy on the Annex, July 3, 2015. This morning, as predicted, the second chick took his inaugural flight and acquired a name. Billy — as in Billy Bishop, the Canadian First World War fighter pilot — first made a short hop from the nest ledge to the next ledge over, where Amelia joined [...]

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Practice, practice, practice

Amelia, July 2, 2015. Yesterday morning, James found Amelia back on the nest ledge with her little brother. She didn't stay too long, and ended up low on the east side once again, this time six ledges down. Time to figure out how to gain some altitude and get back to the top of the [...]

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Happy Canada Day!

Amelia spent today trying valiantly to get back to the nest ledge, to no avail. A succession of volunteers — Rémy, James, Dominique, Langis, Jennifer, Pauline and I — tracked her as she flew from ledge to ledge, explored the roof of the Annex building, and feasted on a well-deserved meal or two or three. By [...]

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After Lorraine found the older chick on the roof this morning, she (the falcon, not Lorraine) spent the day resting and digesting her reward meal. There was some travelling back and forth along the south and west sides of the roof, but she mostly slept on the southwest corner while James, Rick and Pauline watched, [...]

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