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We have done so much! Here’s how to find it

To find a specific person’s presentation or topic in the annual listings, you either have to have a sense of when the event took place, or else resort to Google. But you may just want to browse.

There is a good deal of variety in what we do at indoor meetings. Presentations by outside speakers can cover any topic in nature, from rocks-and-minerals to ecology. Sometimes the leaders bring forward a subject of pressing interest, like how we navigate off-trail without ever getting lost. We hold nature-art workshops, and encourage members to share their nature photos by projecting them on a roll-down screen for all to see. To get a good feel for what we do in the Macoun Field Club, it would be best to browse several months worth of activities.

Photo of speaker with image of Lawrence's Warbler

The program is content-rich, and even the weekly write-ups can be informative. Many of our speakers are research scientists who tell us what they’re learning in their fields, and how they go about carrying out fieldwork. Our field trips are full of discovery and follow-up, especially in our Nature Study Area.

Some Macoun Club projects have their own web pages. Most Macoun members have been involved in our Study Tree and Lasius Ant Mound Projects. Find more studies listed on the Study Area introduction page.

Created June 23-26, 2016